Gustavo Vigo is a Qualified UK Financial Conduct Authority Approved Representative, Swiss Banking & Compliance Representative, European Regulation and Banking Administration Representative, USA Financial Industry Regulated Authority Representative, Singapore MAS & SGX Trading Representative and is also a Hong Kong Securities Institute Representative and China Securities Regulatory Commission Representative.

After graduating from The University of Zurich with an MBA in Business Administration, Political Science and International Financial and Banking Law, Gustavo Vigo began his Financial Career as an Arbitrage Analyst for the Bishopsgate, EC2, London office of the Investment Bank Lehman Brothers. It was here he was awarded the Chapter XII Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment Certificate in Securities attaining the status of FCA Approved Representative and earning a position as a broker within the Risk-Arbitrage Department of Lehman Brothers.

Gustavo Vigo was posted to the Manhattan, New York, NY Office of Lehman Brothers where he passed the FINRA General Securities Representative Exam also known as the "Series 7 exam" and began specializing in the Tech Sector.

Gustavo Vigo was promoted to become the Vice President of Institutional Trading for the Asia Desk of Lehman Brothers dedicated to promoting Tech Securities and Opportunities to Asian Clients where he passed Module 1A and Module 6 exams from the Institute of Banking and Financial earning licensing from MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and SGX (Singapore Exchange).

Motivated by the growth and rise of the Chinese Market, Gustavo Vigo qualified as a China Securities Regulatory Commission Representative and as a Hong Kong Securities Institute Representative.

Following an encounter within Lehman Brothers Asia with Huber Gustav a Partnership was created and both began the task of raising capital and funding from retail investors to create a private equity firm to specialize in resource industries within the Tech Sector giving investors an opportunity to get involved in the astounding economic growth that China and the Tech Market was and is experiencing.

Gustavo Vigo is dedicated to Recruitment, Networking, Relationship Building and Handling, Discovery-Research and Due Diligence of Opportunities, Legal Affairs, Presenting and Closing of Agreements and Transactions, Compliance, Client Care, Financial Reporting and Filing.

Napoleon Bonapart::

“Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures, but in the use made of them”